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Experienced Attorney focused on Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Law, Worker's Compensation, Divorce & Estate Planning | Dartmouth, Fall River, New Bedford, MA & surrounding areas

Bankruptcy Attorney


The decision to file Bankruptcy is an extremely difficult one.  Since 2006, Attorney Tara M. George in New Bedford has helped individuals file Bankruptcy as a tool to get back on their feet financially. 


Attorney George will discuss your particular set of circumstances, analyze which Chapter is best suited to relieve your financial stress and provide personalized guidance to help you work towards renewed fiscal responsibility.


Please call (508) 996-0636, or click the button below, to schedule a free consultation as a first step towards your financial recovery.


The Law Offices of Tara M. George is a debt relief agency helping people file Bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.



Workers' Compensation Attorney

An injury sustained on the job can affect all aspects of your life and family.  Under Massachusetts law, the workers’ compensation system guarantees specific benefits to employees hurt while engaged in their job duties.  These benefits include weekly compensation checks of up to 60% of the average weekly wage, coverage for medical costs related to the work-related injury, compensation for loss of function, compensation for scaring and/or disfigurement, and in some instances, an employee may qualify for vocational retraining though the Department of Industrial Accidents.


Oftentimes getting the benefits owed can be difficult.  Employers may deny claims or have benefits terminated prematurely, leaving the employee without pay or medical treatment.  Since 2007, Attorney George has successfully represented injured workers and their loved ones with workers’ compensation claims, securing the benefits they deserve.


Your fee is contingent on whether your case is won and benefits are obtained though the workers’ compensation system.  Please call  (508) 996-0636, or click the button below, to set up your free consultation.


Divorce Attorney


Massachusetts is a no-fault divorce state, which means you do not need to prove to the Court as to why you wish to divorce.  One of the most common reasons, however, is “irreconcilable differences.”  The marriage simply isn’t working due to differing interests, and it cannot be fixed. 


Regardless of the cause, the end of a marriage can be a very stressful, confusing and sad time.  In order to move forward, many issues must be addressed and how they are managed will determine which category of Divorce is pursued.


Divorce Attorney George will provide you with as much information as possible so you can make the best decision for your circumstances and family.  Please call (508) 996-0636, or click the button below, to schedule your free consultation.


Notary Public



A Notary Public is a public servant whose main function is to authenticate the execution or signing of certain documents such as deeds, powers of attorney, wills and other important forms. 


In order to notarize a document, the notary must receive legal identification (such as a driver's license or passport) to prove the signer's identity. 


If you need a notary public in New Bedford, MA or surrounding areas, call (508) 996-0636, or click the button below, to make an appointment should you have documents that require notarization



Estate Planning Attorney


Estate planning allows you to make certain your assets pass to those you wish and establishes, in some cases, terms and conditions surrounding the gifting of those assets.  Whether it is a Last Will and Testament or a Trust, Attorney George will help you create the appropriate documents to guarantee your desires are clearly and legally represented.


Estate planning also ensures your voice is heard when you can no longer speak for yourself.  A Health Care Proxy and Living Will make it known to your loved ones how you desire to be cared for in your end days.


Let estate planning Attorney George provide you with the information you need to take the appropriate steps to ensure your end-days’ care and dignity and the distribution of your assets.  Ring (508) 996-0636, or click the button below, to discuss your unique circumstances during your scheduled free consultation



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