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Got Me through One of the Most Difficult Crises of my Life

As a well educated Senior Citizen who unexpectedly found himself in a terrible financial situation, I know first hand the trauma associated with having to declare bankruptcy.

Through a friend I found Tara George.  At the time of our first meeting I was not only in financial distress, but also extreme emotional distress.


Tara immediately calmed my frayed nerves and walked me through process. When an unforeseen emergency complicated matters, Tara immediately came up with a solution that solved my problems, and I was able to continue on in the process.  Tara went way above and beyond what her legal responsibilities were and got me through one of the most difficult crises of my life.

I will always consider myself blessed that I had Tara to support [me] through this difficult period.  Today I am debt free and rebuilding my life.  I owe all of this to Attorney George.


On Point from Start to Finish

So I first came to Tara with an overwhelming debt that I could no longer keep up with. I felt embarrassed that I had to begin the process of filing for bankruptcy. After sitting down with her and talking, she made me feel like it was the right thing to do and there's no reason to be embarrassed it's a very common thing these days. Tara showed me all the positives that will come out of it and that regaining decent credit is not that much of a stretch. It was a short and painless process. My debt was wiped and a few months later I now have two credit cards and am building my credit score back up. 


Not long after my bankruptcy I was served papers and was beginning the process of divorce. I immediately called Tara and she was right there to support and guide me through yet another unplanned event in my life. She was on point with everything from start to finish. Tara fought for me all the way through until the final court appearance. She was very professional and extremely organized. I not only walked away from my bankruptcy satisfied, I also walked away from my divorce confident that it couldn't have gone any better. 


I would highly recommend Attorney Tara George for either of the two issues that I recently experienced. I guarantee you'll get what is rightfully yours. 


Listens and Offers Clear Advice

Tara listens carefully to each question and comment, and she responds quickly and clearly with advice aimed directly at the issue.  I have worked with Tara for the past 4 years and have never been disappointed.  Her common-sense approach helped me unravel a difficult situation--making it easier for me to understand the issues and concerns--so I could make an educated decision, not an emotional one.


What's Best for the Client Comes First

Tara is very accessible, knowledgeable and trustworthy; providing real-life answers to real-life situations.  She always puts her clients' needs to the forefront.


Genuinely Committed

Words cannot express how tremendously grateful I am to Tara George for her sincere compassion and legal assistance during one of the most challenging times in my life. Tara’s level of expertise and professionalism surpassed even my greatest expectations.


Aside from her obvious skill and remarkable success rate, Tara is genuinely committed to her clients. Regardless of the time or the importance of my matter, every phone call and email was promptly and personally returned. With each circumstance that arose, Tara gave practical advice and supplied necessary information to allow me to make my own informed decisions, yet never lost her patience despite my frequent and overwhelming inquiries. She provided a support system and served as a mentor, exceeding the scope of what lawyers today are expected to do.


Simply put, lawyers like Tara are truly and exceptionally rare. Though it goes without saying, I would never hesitate to use or refer her outstanding services in the future. Thank you so much for all your time and hard work.





Extremely Grateful

My partner and I wanted to take a moment to say how grateful we are that we found Attorney George to represent us in our most recent legal dilemma.  Without going into the particulars, suffice to say that from the moment I first spoke with Atty George on the phone, until this very day, I know we’d found ourselves a highly competent and professional woman to represent our interests.


During the course of our association with Attorney George, she has not only acted as our attorney, but also as a psychiatrist when our feathers needed to be smoothed as the saying goes.  Her insightful knack of being able to put her client’s fears to rest is a talent all by itself.  And, on several occasions, she was called on to do just that.


What astounds us, as clients, is that she devotes herself to the individual at hand and no question is too small and insignificant.  She is always able to put our minds at ease. That, alone, is a talent lacking in many attorneys we have hired in the past.


Her new location, at 75 State Road in Dartmouth is so beautifully appointed that upon arrival it’s apparent that it is an environment of professionalism and friendliness.  One can assume that he’s in an environment that’s accommodating and easy.  And, speaking of professionalism, that’s the word I’d use best to describe Attorney George’s various abilities.  I’ve never, once, found that there was a question I had for Attorney George for which she did not have an answer that came from her professional experience as well as her own innate intelligence.


Generally speaking I would imagine one would say she “goes that extra mile” for her clients.


We both want to thank Attorney George for representing our interests so well and look forward to calling upon her services if the occasion should arise again in the future.  Needless to say, we think very highly of Attorney George, and should we need the services of a top-notch attorney in the future we’d call on you always.   Many thanks, Tara, for all of your kind and willing assistance.


Awesome Firm, Two Thumbs UP

I had some financial difficulties that there was no way out of.  I contacted Tara M George just by chance doing a Google search for Bankruptcy Attorneys.  I had spoken to others before Tara, and their opening to a discussion was how much their fees were and asking how soon did I want to file.


Tara was not only professional, but she was compassionate.  She asked questions about my life and how I had come to feel that I may need to file personal bankruptcy.  Making the decision to file bankruptcy is very difficult on many levels.  There are so many “what ifs” and stigma to doing it.  She took the time to get to know me and understand my life situation.  After an hour long discussion and good laughs, Tara explained the entire process, my options and then allowed me to take my time making my decision.  She even appeased my many emails with the “what if” questions.


Thanks to Tara, I am standing on solid financial ground again.  Not only was she an excellent professional attorney, I am proud to say I have also gained a wonderful new friend.  I have and will always recommend highly recommend Tara M. George to anyone that is in need.  Her professionalism and humanity is magnificent in my book.


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