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Remembering Vavo and His Advice

Family and values. Without the lessons learned from my grandparents and father, I would not be the person, and more importantly, the lawyer I am today.

With just 6th and 8th grade educations, my grandparents created a produce farm that is a local landmark. For them, neither a fancy business degree nor a high school diploma conferred the innate, fundamental keys to success: hard work and respect for your clients.

I remember clearly the day I became a lawyer my Vavo said, “Remember people are going to come to you to help them through their problems. While you may not always understand or agree with the choices they made, you need to treat them like family. If you were in their shoes, you would want someone who truly cared about you and what you are going through.”

The last piece of advice he gave me while on this earth was “whatever you do; do it well.”

I truly strive to practice his principles and embody the Golden Rule--treat others as you would hope they would treat you. The result: many clients come through the door as strangers and by the end of the process they are a friend.

Family Photography property of Tara M. George.

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